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So how did I get started?

My name is James,

I’ve been doing groundwork’s for the last 5 years, getting up at 6am every morning to travel to London.


I was not getting home until 7pm most days having to work on a Saturday every other week then I saw an opportunity to start Forex trading.


I invested money into it, and I was getting signals sent through to my phone, I would put them down and I was just constantly loosing money, I would the odd time win a bit of money back but no where near to what I was loosing.


So I thought to myself this isn’t working I didn’t want to give up but the amount of money I was loosing was unreal, I had to keep putting money in and I was getting nothing back out of it so I stopped for a few months and was having a look on Instagram.


I came across a guy advertising about working online, so I gave him a message to see what he does online etc, once he told me that he does affiliate marketing/drop shipping etc, I purchased a membership and I’ve never looked back since.


This isn’t a get quick rich scheme so if your here for that reason, your looking in the wrong place.


This takes time and consistency, but as long as you're willing to do all this, stay consistent put a few hours in after your normal day job, you will start to see a change in your life along with financial freedom.

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